Intellectuals Center started an initiative: “Capacity Building on Circular Economy in Nepal” in October 2022. The initiative developed in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Sunil Herat from Griffith University, Australia is led by Er. Suman Dhun Shrestha.

Objective of this initiative is to exchange the knowledge and expertise among professionals, academia and individuals. With further study and experts consultation the initiative aims to carry our action research projects and contribute in reducing the waste generation volume ultimately resulting in reduction of carbon footprints.

Within this initiative, a session titled ‘Managing Electronic waste (E-waste) in Asia Pacific Region’ was organized on 12 October 2022. Expert Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Sunil Herat – Griffith University, Australia.

Total 30 participants across Nepal took part in the session with mixed background including University faculty, local authority, freelance expert, private companies and students.

“Circular Economy can become effective with the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy” stated Assoc. Prof. Dr. Herat.