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Ms. Jenisha Manandhar

Research Intern


My name is Jenisha Manandhar, and I am based in Kathmandu city. I hold a master’s degree in business administration from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand where I developed a strong management, leadership, and interpersonal skills. Throughout my academics and career years, I have strongly demonstrated good communication skill, strong leadership, and a result-driven approach to management.
During my career, I have gained experience working in different sectors, including INGO, Management Consulting Firm, and IT company. Despite being a business student, I also have great motivation to work in a development sector and have passion for humanitarian work. In addition to my professional work, I have also participated in various voluntary works as a member of Rotract Club such as cleaning events, donation programs, organizing events at orphanage etc.
As a management student, I value efficient management of resources and people to achieve the organization’s mission and goal. I am aware of the importance of staying focus on the mission, bringing innovative ideas, and maintaining collaboration with stakeholders to make a positive impact on community.
Likewise, my core values include integrity, empathy, hard work, and continuous learning. I believe that learning, unlearning, and relearning is very crucial in this inquisitee path for always trying to learn new things and becoming a better version of yourself.
Lasty, I am very dedicated to exhibit my skill and knowledge to an organization that commit to add value and bring a positive difference in the community and the lives of people.