Ms. Anjali Bijukchhe

Research Intern

Bachelor’s degree in Public Health

Ms. Anjali Bijukchhe is a proactive and enthusiastic public health professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Pokhara University, Nepal. Her academic journey has nurtured her skills and sparked her interest in the field of research. Through her previous work experiences, she has closely engaged with marginalized children while serving as a health intern at Shree Ratnashova Secondary School, facilitated by Right4Children.

Ms. Bijukchhe firmly believes in the holistic approach to health. As a dedicated public health professional, she is driven to contribute to the public health sector, as it offers opportunities to work across various dimensions of health and its associated fields. Her academic thesis focused on mental illness, and she aspires to delve deeper into this area in the future.

Born and raised in the enchanting city of Pokhara, Ms. Bijukchhe finds solace in spending time amidst nature. She is always ready to engage in activities such as cycling, swimming, traveling, and indulging in novels.