Summary of the Business Study 

Intellectuals Center together with the Jar and Tanker water business companies carried out a study for the ‘Plastic Bottles Recycling Business.

The idea came out from two situations;

  1. Jar and tanker water suppliers experience the import of substantial amounts of plastic pellets from India to make water bottles, caps, etc. There is the potential of recycling the used bottles and reducing at least a certain portion of the lower-grade plastic pellets.
  2. The future of the jar & tanker water supply business is uncertain with the recent progress in water supply systems for cities. Hence, the available resources such as vehicle trucks can be utilized for transportation of the used plastic bottles from different parts of the country. In addition, an alternate business plan for the water suppliers is in place.

The plan aims to develop a high-tech recycling center at Banepa municipality with a collection of used bottles from the entire Bagmati province.

Figure: Potential location for a high-tech recycling center in Banepa Municipality

The study estimates the potential recycling of 96 tonnes of plastic every month from Bagmati province in Nepal.